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So, what's TRONPay?

TRONPay is a simple, fast and free payment service that allows you to accept the TRON ($TRX) token on your site, however you wish.

In its most simple use case, you can grab the JavaScript code, drop it into your site and start taking TRON payments, in under 2 minutes. Just place that where you want your button and you get a button similar to that shown in the top right corner, so visitors can start paying you.

More advanced uses of it include the customisation options (see the Demos section for those) and the API section where you can use your own JavaScript to trigger TRONPay as you'd like with its powerful functionality, all made available to you to use as you wish.

Future use code available soon will include a WordPress plugin, a WooCommerce plugin, a POS system and a backend API service so keep checking back here to see new features as they're made available.

Hang on, this is free?

Yes! There's no charges for using TRONPay! It's a free service, plus even better - transactions on the TRON network are free too, as it's a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. So there's no fees at all.

So what's the catch? No catch at all. We want to drive cryptocurrency as a new form of fast, decentralised payment and TRON is ideal for that with its 3 second blocktimes, super secure and robust network and growing userbase.

How to setup TRONPay in 2 minutes...

Step 1: Register


Fill out your account details, click the verification link sent to you and you're in your new account!

Step 2: Enter your receiving $TRX address

Put your $TRX address in (you can create one in your account if you don't have one yet). Your $TRX address is where you'll receive your payments.

Step 3: Grab your JS code and go!

Copy the JavaScript code shown, drop it into your website and you're ready to take TRON payments!