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This page gives some common usages of TRONPay as demos, but really there will be plenty of other uses too as it's incredibly flexible and customisable.

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Button in any website

Probably the most common integration method. Simply grab the JavaScript code from within your account, drop into your website where you'd like the button to appear and boom, you have a ready to go payment button!

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Request payment link

Not ready to put TRONPay into your site yet, or just want to provide a payment link to someone? No problems, just send them a link containing your parameters (orange = mandatory, blue = optional)

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Speak your order

This makes use of TRONPay's powerful API system along with HTML5 to detect what you say so you can speak your order, it sets the order amount and displays the TRONPay popup. Think of say an automated speak-your-order system like you'd maybe use in a drive-thru fast food restaurant.

Ensure your microphone and speakers are enabled, then try it out...

Click to "speak your order"

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Coming soon

WordPress plugin

WooCommerce plugin

POS service

API service

...and more!

That gives some examples of TRONPay working in a variety of situations. There's so much more to it though - head over to the Tips/Tricks section to see more advanced info, so you can truly make it run as you wish.