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TRONPay is easy to setup to start taking $TRX payments with. However, there's so much more to it than basic usage and you can find plenty of hidden gems to make your setup even more awesome.

Here we've detailed some of our favorites so you may master TRONPay usage...

Payment wizardry

  • Set "currency" : "TRX" and the amount you specify is then in TRX.
  • Set "currency" : "USD" and the amount you specify is then in USD.
  • There's many country specific currencies you can set a payment amount in, TRONPay will automatically show the user how much $TRX to pay, with currency conversion rates within last 5 minutes:
  • Set payment amounts via server side code, eg PHP, or anytime with JavaScript, eg = 78.90;
  • Set the number of confirmations required to accept payment with say "numConfirms" : 4

Display trickery

  • Add "hideButton" : true to hide the button.
  • Add "hideCloseLink" : true to hide the close link on payment display.
  • Set onclick="tronPayWidget.showPaymentScreen();" to make your own button clickable.
  • Call tronPayWidget.hidePaymentScreen(); to hide the payment screen.
  • Users can hover mouse over/tap the fiat value shown to switch to any of the many currencies anytime.
  • Payment display screen handles transactions as they're seen on blockchain for you.

Making TRONPay fit you

  • Transactions are sent to addresses generated for you and automatically sent onto your final address. However, you can turn this feature off in your account and they remain in those unique addresses till you re-enable. You can send on the amount under any address using its private key anytime.
  • Call upon the TRONPay API endpoints to get data verified. Helpful to confirm things before handling your order.

Got another favorite TRONPay tip/trick you'd like us to mention?

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